Our change-maker database seems to be always growing these days. There appears to be so many great people out there who are really dedicated to pushing the envelope. People that we at Bambwa hope to get to work with someday.

These past days we learned about someone who we think defines the term. An inspirational guy known as Mr. Agriculture and more formally called Rodgers Kirwa. Through his company, IAgribiz Africa, he seeks to develop agriculture skills in youth through practical training and mentorship.
But that’s not all. Rodgers, sometimes called the ‘tweeting farmer’, makes strong use of social media to spread his word and raise awareness around not just farming but also social issues.

A graduate of Egerton University in Kenya, he grew his business from the ground up through Twitter, building up an engaged audience of 50,000. The social media activity opened doors for him – awards nominations, Agriprenuer forums, a place in Michigan State University and corporate sponsorship followed. Last week he won the Bizna Kenya  2018 Young Entrepreneurs Awards (YEA) in the Agripreneurs division. Props due!!!

Rodger encapsulates the essence of change-making in our eyes. A guy using everything that is available to him to fuel his dreams and make the world a better place. These are the people that we love to salute and support in every aspirational venture. Respect! 🙌

Read more about Rodgers and his awesome work here:


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