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“Africa will define the future” said Twitter founder and CEO Jack Dorsey in 2019.
Keen to be a part of this future, his company has this week announced their plans to establish a presence on the continent. Their African journey will begin in Ghana (what you might rightly consider Bambwa Groups second home).
In a statement announcing the decision, Twitter described Ghana “as a champion for democracy, a supporter of free speech, online freedom, and the Open Internet.”
It’s no news to us that Africa is the place where the future will be shaped, but it is always enjoyable to watch as global business leaders align to our vision.
Delving into the metrics it’s telling that Facebook still dominates the African landscape with a 59% user share, but Twitters 12% still translates to a massive footprint and it’s evident from first hand peeking into the timelines that it’s increasingly the platform of choice for a-lot of the continents growing industries.
On a similar subject, it’s also very interesting to watch how the use of LinkedIn grows in the continents business communities. We have a vested interest in observing and participating in the growth of this platform in Africa, as it’s unrivalled networking capabilities perfectly align with the ambitions of Bambwa Group and in particular our portfolio company Who’s Who in Ghana.
As you know, building bridges is our business, so you can expect to hear more from us on this subject!

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