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The Nordic African VC-company, Bambwa Group AB, has invested in SUPERMANAGER.APP, a Danish edutech company, that is looking to positively impact management skills in emerging economies by upskilling business leaders, using its free mobile application.

After checking for aligned goals and aims, Bambwa has decided to stake trust and funds in the Danish company, with the global offering. 

“As a VC-company that has invested in top African and Nordic startups, we were looking for a startup, which has topnotch scaling potential, that’s interested in Africa’s development, and would do a lot to foster its growth,” said Michael Mathiesen, CEO Bambwa Group. “At Bambwa, we have a framework—The Bambwa model: Our highly experienced directors must have active involvement, and we want to roll with open-minded innovators and founders, which every startup we want to relate with must fit in. SUPERMANAGER fits into our vision, and we’ll love to embark on the journey with them. With a total global market potential (leaders, students and people with interest in leadership) of 700 million we can see them become a Unicorn, in the next 5-7 years”.

(L-R SuperManager COO – Søren Jegindø & CEO – Brian Baptista, Bambwa Group CEO – Michael Mathiesen)

Lack of investment in our managers.

SUPERMANAGER will tackle these two major problems that have impeded business leaders from upskilling: 1) Business management programs in top training schools are expensive, 2) Management upskilling programs are time-consuming and business leaders don’t have plenty of time to spare. 

We have the solution.

SUPERMANAGER is providing a double-edged solution 1) A FREE platform that is built on the experience of actual managers with actual hands-on experience, 2) A micro lesson application, with bit-sized classes of not more than 5 minutes. Also, coupled with the use of an AI chatbot, learners will have access to mentors who are bigwigs in the business world. 

“The real issue is that managers around the world have very few genuine options for improving themselves. Their tight schedule and high paced jobs make it really difficult. On the other hand, if they do not improve their skills, they are directly hurting their career options, their efficiency levels and ultimately the company. Company owners find management training expense and time consuming. These very common issues are what SUPERMANAGER will solve going forward. We want to breed better managers, so everyone wins”, said Brian Baptista, CEO. “With Bambwa, the journey gets easier henceforth. The solution we bring resonates with them and they are ready to be there with us every step of the way,” Baptista added. 

Strong commitment to emerging markets

The founders of SUPERMANAGER, Brian Baptista and Søren Jegindø, have decades of combined experience with a great part of their business stints in Africa. During their sojourning in developing countries, they discovered many of these regions—Africa, especially—full of untapped potential that can be mined and refined through better management to improve productivity and advancement. Joining their experience and expertise, they set out to improve business and institutional leaders by helping them upskill.

One of the major propellants of this engagement is the achievable economical results if managers improve by, at least, 5%. Both Bambwa and SUPERMANAGER believe the achievable success is unimaginable. “SUPERMANAGER benefits everyone involved in the learning experience by meeting leaders’ needs first. When all leaders are empowered to succeed, everyone wins,” said Brian Baptista, CEO. 

Upskilling activities need to start from the government. Barack Obama’s 2014 initiative of improving management across all sectors, government and private, boosted the US’s performance over the years. And even with that, Ultimate software conducted a research in 2017, where they found out 45% of documented American business leaders didn’t get trained and were under-skilled. If this is true for the US, then Africa and other emerging countries have a long way to go. The potentials are still underutilized, and that’s what SUPERMANAGER is looking to do. 

Both companies believe this partnership is what Africa needs to foster its development, and they promise to help improve Africa’s growth and outlook. “We are now laser-focused on improving Africa’s institutions—both government and private. We’ll look to upskill every leader at all parastatals, which will speed up Africa’s development exponentially. We want to build countries by focusing on their core – the quality of the leadership is the basis of everything”, says Michael Mathiesen. 

For further information;

Michael Mathiesen, CEO Bambwa Group: or +46 73 978 77 64

Brian Baptista, CEO SuperManager: or +45 9395 8033


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