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3 essential ingredients for the world’s sustainable recovery.

An insightful article published in WeForum today highlights how the pandemic has intensified the need for us to create a sustainable future for ourselves. We can look at it as an opportunity, but it is one that is ephemeral and we don’t have much time – decisive action needs to be taken.

This action is reliant on many factors. Among these are 3 key elements – elements that we are proud to say are strongly represented across the Bambwa Group business model and portfolio.

? Leveraging of technological solutions:
We need to harness innovation and cutting edge technology to enable economic transformation and resilience.
Much like Unumed does with their next generation healthcare management solution. Or like Global River Center utilizes throughout its sustainable design and construction, and digital River Life platform.

? Growth of skills development to drive transformation:
We need to ensure people are equipped with the skills needed to enable sustainable and inclusive recovery, digital skills especially need to be made more accessible.
With Supermanager and Global River Center we are so proud to be involved with two companies dedicated to empowering people across the globe to develop key skills, and improve their future-readiness.

? Empowered global cooperation:
This is an area where we collectively need to intensify our efforts. Seeing beyond borders and working together against the challenges that unite us is the key to recovery and sustained thriving.
Every step Bambwa Group takes is focused on empowering cross continent partnerships and collaboration. Building bridges is what we do!
We hope you can also look towards the optimistic potential in these trying times – stick with us and we will do our best to keep you up and ready to create #ImpactByAction.

Read the article here.

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