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Bambwa Group Events Calendar

9 - 11 June
Global River Center Investor Meeting
Global River Center and DGE are hosting 2 investor meetings in Aarhus by invitation only - details will follow.
11th June
Is Digitization Africa’s Big Chance?
Experience Jesper Drescher presenting his book Digital Africa: Investing In Africa’s Most Untapped Source.
14th June
Africa Innovation Network
The 10 year anniversary event for Danish African Innovation Network.
16th June
SuperManager Webinar
Launch Event @ 16CET
29th June
Telconomic Consulting
How to improve your companies result during the vacation - Webinar @ 15pm
19-22 July
Bambwa Group AB Investor Meetings
Understand and join the African Growth. 19th - Hornb k (Denmark) 20th - B stad (Sverige) 21st - Marstrand (Sverige) 22nd - Skagen (Denmark)
13th August
Opportunities for Innovation and Partnership in Tanzania
Ambassador Mette Norgaard Dissing-Spandet gives a brief status on the political environment and market in Tanzania