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Say hello to the Bambwa Family

Key to the Bambwa setup is the multilateral relationship between the Nordics and East and West Africa: Bambwa’s ambition is to help the portfolio companies to grow internationally, extending the reach of their impact. This means we help our African portfolio companies to enter the Western or Asian market or simply grow in other parts of the huge African market. Local knowledge, presence and workforce give Bambwa local business status across Nordics, East and West Africa.

GLOBAL RIVER CENTER is a commercial impact business that seeks to improve the quality of life for at least 14 million young Africans in non-urban areas.This is made possible through the creation of 200+ multi-functional centers combined with a much needed App.

Building Better Futures For Young Africans

Imagine if the Worlds 100 million managers were just 5% better!

SUPERMANAGER is a Danish edu-tech company that is looking to positively impact management skills in emerging economies by upskilling business leaders, usings its free mobile application.

A new generation of hospital management software has arrived

UNUMED is a software and data science company working towards a world where the best technology supports, enables, and empowers healthcare professionals, hospital administrators, and patients globally.

WHO’S WHO IN GHANA has a unique business model – networking- as-a-service. The aim of the company is to help facilitate the next generation of networking amongst Ghana’s top professionals. This is much needed within Ghana and across Africa in order to support the next generation of development and economic growth.

A new networking ecosystem in Ghana, and beyond

Sustainable Gold Mining in Liberia

SAKAMICO is a company focused on gold mining in Liberia, co-owned and operated with Bambwa Group and the management. The company follows best practice procedures in environmental and sustainable mining, ensuring there is no negative impact on the local environment.

REDUCARE has a simple and proven 3 step strategy to help their customers reduce their business telephony and data costs.

Reduce your business telephony and data costs

Padel has taken Europe by storm.
Now it’s time to bring it to Africa

PADEL AFRICA will provide Padel as a sport and community enabler across the African continent, starting with Ghana and Rwanda.