Conectomed provide curve flattening solutions.

CONECTOMED is a healthcare company that specialises in the large scale procurement of medical equipment to and supplies technological healthcare services.

The company formed by key medical doctors, healthcare and business executives as a response to the outbreak of the Covid pandemic in early 2020.

One of the key services supplied by the company is access to a AI driven remote mobile health monitoring tool, that can help provide vital diagnostics analysis using a standard smart phone camera.

Visit the ConectoMED website

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May 31, 2022 in Shareholders

Kallelse Till Årsstämma 2022

Aktieägarna i Bambwa Group AB (publ), 559171-4463, kallas härmed till årsstämma torsdagen 30 juni 2022 kl 16.00 hos Advokatfirma VICI AB , Klostergatan 2 i Lund.…
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Africa In the New World Order Event – 25th May 2022

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Bambwa invests in SUPERMANAGER to upskill more than 100 million business leaders worldwide.

The Nordic African VC-company, Bambwa Group AB, has invested in SUPERMANAGER.APP, a Danish edutech company, that is looking to positively impact management skills in emerging…
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June 2, 2021 in Design, Insights

Facing forward with our new costume

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Revisit the GRC Circular Economy Workshop

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