Reducare helps reduce your business telephony and data costs

REDUCARE enables businesses to save money and increase their bottom line.

The market for business telephony and data is constantly evolving. New smart opportunities and new opportunities for savings arise, which you as a company are not necessarily presented with. It is time-consuming to check the market on an ongoing basis, and of course also associated with uncertainty to change supplier when the company is otherwise busy – and data and telephony are a lifeline.

The good news is: Reducare knows the market, and can get your company completely different prices for the same or a better solution – and as your expert in the field, they can guarantee a painless implementation.

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February 2, 2023 in Global River Center, Portfolio

Cultural Exchange Program Facilitated by Global River Center

Our portfolio company Global River Center recently facilitated a cultural exchange program between students from UNORD and Bompata, Ghana. The program aimed to promote cross-cultural…
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Always stronger with Partners

The ever impressiveĀ Global River Center A/SĀ gives us a glimpse into some of the extraordinary talent that is helping them build a groundbreaking business - set…
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Revisit the GRC Circular Economy Workshop

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