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Supermanager aims to make the world's 100 million managers at least 5% better!

SUPERMANAGER is a Danish edu-tech company that is looking to positively impact management skills in emerging economies by upskilling business leaders, using its free mobile application.

SuperManager tackles the two major factors that currently impede business leaders from upskilling -training courses are often time consuming and expensive. The double edged solution is to provide a free expert led training platform that divides the lessons into bite-sized chunks – micro lessons. They supercharge this solution by utilizing AI chatbot technology.

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January 14, 2022 in Digital, Global River Center, Insights, Supermanager, Trade

3 Essential Ingredients for the World’s Sustainable Recovery

3 essential ingredients for the world's sustainable recovery. An insightful article published in WeForum today highlights how the pandemic has intensified the need for us…
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June 15, 2021 in Portfolio, Press Release, Supermanager

Bambwa invests in SUPERMANAGER to upskill more than 100 million business leaders worldwide.

The Nordic African VC-company, Bambwa Group AB, has invested in SUPERMANAGER.APP, a Danish edutech company, that is looking to positively impact management skills in emerging…
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